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Fashion Stylist

I am a native Washingtonian of the District of Columbia and the daughter of Pastor Elijah and Mrs.Vernell A. Marshall. I was reared by both parents while attending the church of her father’s pastorship, Greater Revelation Baptist Church, located in Fort Washington, MD. As a child, being stylish came with ease. It was a gift but low self- esteem plagued my confidence. Although I always had a passion for fashion, I had to wear coke-bottle glasses with untamed hair. I was teased and ridiculed for looking nerdy yet I always ended up with the popular groups in my schools. My parents were always supportive but even their view of me didn't alleviate the painful feelings of neglect and rejection. I was always a loner. To keep up with the “Joneses”, I always had to look nice, dressing in designer labels and brands. This wasn't a challenge for me because I have a big personality and loved expressing myself through my wardrobe. With frequent trips to New York, I found it easy to spend my weekly allowance. Even wearing the latest, I still felt as if I never fit in. The designer clothes and shoes did not boost my self-esteem.

As a teenager, I sought after clothes that were edgy and different! I always had a unique flair to my style both inside and outside of church. I loved to play dress-up and have fashion shows in my bedroom. During my college years, I was also known to be a fashionista. By this time, I had closets full of church, play, party, and classroom attire. Even during these times, I still felt I needed to prove myself through what I wore. This was an era where everything had to match. Ugh! I cringe even thinking about those days as my style has now evolved into something totally different!

After working in the fashion/retail industry for almost 10 years, I have a greater appreciation for style and becoming the total you. I learned a lot about myself, my personality, and my eye for detail. I realized then that who you are is reflected by your crowd of choice, the places you frequently go, the clothes you choose to represent you in public.

When you esteem yourself high, you brand yourself with taste and class. As wonderful as it is to look great, material things cannot cover up the real you. Bobbi Brown and NARS eventually come off. Designers like Dior or Chanel continue to rebrand and advertise a new bag or garment. The person you really are will still be there. Your character and integrity are still tested whether you look amazing or not.

As a stylist, my focus is to revitalize your style from head to toe. It’s the total look that will leave people speechless and you walking away feeling like million bucks! Even though we live in an era of competition, try to remind yourself that there will always be someone prettier, smaller, taller, smarter, more talented than you. However realizing that no one can be the best you except for you is the most important factor. God created each of us for a purpose and only each individual can fulfill that purpose to the greatest potential.

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